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LaPorte County offers 20 different incentives including project financing support, access to trade zones, land acquisition and site preparation assistance, fast-track permitting process, utilities, workforce development training and more.


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New Development Projects: LaPorte County is the perfect destination for your new project! Indiana provides lower business operating costs and competitive wage rates compared to neighboring states. La Porte County a smart choice because it offers some of the best corporate income tax rates in the Midwest. We are committed to growth and invest in building high-quality economic programs.

Business Expansion Initiatives: Our staff works with partners to provide a seamless process - from negotiations to development planning to construction. Local utility providers offer competitive rates for expenses on connection and equipment. Staff facilitates procuring Tax increment financing (TIF) on buildings, parking facility permits, land acquisition, local public improvements and more.

The State of Indiana offers numerous legislative incentives including tax cut, right to work, corporate income tax rate reduction, raised cap and increased tax credits, property tax exemptions and relief, single sales factor corporate tax, hundreds of miles of rehabilitated transportation amenities.


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    Matt Reardon EDFP - Executive Director / RDC Coordinator

    Mike Seitz - Business Retention Manager

    Carlton Bishop - Broadband Project Manager / Retention Support

    Jay Sullivan, PE - County Engineer

    Mitch Bishop - County Planner

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